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Unitrunker SDR Setup – Low-cost Trunked Radio System "Scanner"

Trunked radio systems, like those used by many police and fire services, can be received using a Windows PC, low-cost hardware, and some free software. For less than $30 a receiver can be created. This is a real radio receiver  – i.e. it does not rely on having Internet access. This is benefical in an emergency but it also works great for everyday use as well.   Follow these easy steps to create your own trunked radio receiver. Materials needed   A windows desktop or laptop with at least one available USB2.0 or USB3.0 port. Systems before Windows 10 may need additional drivers (not discussed here) Unitrunker software – Free - VB-Cable Virtual Audio Device – Free/donationware - Zadig USB Driver software – Free - DSDPlus – Free - DSDPlus DLLs - Free - RTL-SDR Device - ~$22 -

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